The purpose of the Cyberlaw Society shall be to create a forum to promote, discuss, and explore cyberlaw and other internet-related issues.

Section. 1. Cyberlaw Society is a community of Georgetown Law students, faculty and alumni interested in the wide range of issues at the intersection of law and technology.

Section. 2. The CLS provides opportunities for interested students, faculty, and alumni to interact with professors, guest speakers, legal practitioners, and industrial leaders for the purposes of academic and networking exploration in the area of cyberlaw.

Section. 3. Topics of exploration will include: cybersecurity, cybercrime litigation, information security, information privacy, constitutionality, intellectual property, and cyberlaw.

Section. 4. Members shall have the opportunity, between the hours designated by the Vice President and approved by the, to explore the many facets of cyberlaw.

Section. 5. Students, faculty, and alumni shall have exposure to various topics within cyberlaw, so that they can explore and further their knowledge in the various areas of the law in relation to cyberspace through cyberlaw coursework and clinics offered at Georgetown Law.